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Thank You for your Votes & Support

To Our #VoteBright Voters, Supporters & Family

☀️To Our #VoteBright Family☀️

Thank you so much for your support, shares and votes for my 2018 campaign and congratulation to candidate who won in each of their districts.As a 35- ye ar "community champion" my resolve to serve our City and to advocate for our citizens is stronger than ever. Yes, this race is over but our work is not done. 

I will continue to create jobs, provide support for our disabled population, address the homeless, create support to our children and help individuals coming back into the community from our judicial system, and much more.

Many of you have shared with me your concerns and what is important to you in order to grow our City to become a place for all citizens to prosper and build a quality life. I will continue to "show up and have a voice" on boards, commissions and yes, our City Council meetings to ensure our newly elected officials are honoring what they indicated they will work hard to do.

This is a time to communicate and collaborate together to meet the needs in our communities. I will continue to share governance information, voter education, and always be active in our community. I would like to thank my team and all the volunteers that stepped up to the plate to help me.

What a great opportunity of learning and awareness. I thank you for voting and supporting the #VoteBright campaign. I am looking forward to an amazing year of advocacy, a 

☀️ Bright year of Action☀️and new beginnings.

Wishing each candidate much success in the coming years.

High regards,
Linda Bright

Linda's Testimonials

Mental Health Advocate

:...Mental health is a serious issue in our community, Linda has over 20 years  working in this industry and understand the impact it has on families, workforce and law enforcement..."

Linda Helps Small Businesses

"..Linda has worked with local and state  government to increase  small businesses  growth and attract premier employers to  Virginia Beach..."   Francina , H.

Linda Listens To Us...

"...Linda speaks for the citizens whose voices may have been lost, ignored  or overlooked.  She will be the advocate for all citizens of Virginia Beach.."  Mr. Lee

Do You Have a Testimony?

Do you have a testimony or comment about Linda's work in our community?  Share it on our Contact Us page.   

Brings Wisdom to Politics

"...She is my Nathan...Linda Bright brings wisdom and experience to the political arena.  She is a voice for all citizens and brings "both side" to the table.." Ronald, J

Linda is Genuine!

"...  Linda is genuine, she really cares about mankind.  She has been there for my family when my mother past away and now at 47, she is still here for me now ..." Corey

Virginia Beach Citizens, Your Voices are Heard!

Serving The Community

Governor Terry McAuliffe appointed Linda to the Rehabilitation Commission and she was elected August 2017, as Chair of that Commission and remains as Chair under Governor  Northam's administration. She is proud to be of service in our beloved city and  at the State level. 

Linda Donates Van to Boys & Girls Club

United By A Common Goal

Linda’s joy is serving our city and ensuring that young people can grow and our citizens have viable job opportunities.  Linda meets with small business owners to assist with procurement opportunities and long-term business growth.  

Linda is Involved

Linda worked closely with the City and her colleagues to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King naming on Virginia Beach Blvd.  Linda sits on the Bio-Tech Medical research board with Sentara Hospital, Life Net, Duke University, University of Virginia and Medical College of Virginia. She supports  research initiatives for diabetes, PTSD, cardio-vascular impairments and cancer. 

Linda's Story is Featured in Newspaper Editorial


Linda on the Mic!

#VoteBright on November 6th! Virginia Beach City Council At-Large.  With over 20 years of serving our community,  Linda shares her "why and what matters" on this audio playlist Get to know Linda and how she brings authentic community service, wisdom, business savvy and new ideas to the table.


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